Review | Venomous 8 “Welcome to the Deadlight City”

Venomous 8 wanted to showcase how “cool” heavy metal music is however a couple of missteps ended up making this debut CD sound far from impressive.

2021 in Review: New 2D Music Projects that Took the Spotlight

With the music industry being saturated with 2D music projects, there was an effort in bringing refreshing concepts + music to the spotlight.

Venomous 8 to release debut single “Welcome to the Deadlight City”

2022 kicks off with a shredding heavy metal single by Venomous 8, band part of the recently launched 2D music project, THE LAST METAL.

THE LAST METAL: Heavy Metal Music joins the 2D Music Panorama

Shredding its way through, THE LAST METAL brings heavy metal music to the spotlight for the very 1st time for 2D music projects.