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The cover art and a promotional video for Tetsuya Kakihara's upcoming MUSIC CLIP COLLECTION are out.
Monthly TV Guide unveiled the lineup for its December 2020 issue. Tetsuya Kakihara is featured on this issue.
Kiramune unveiled the cover art, tracklist and a snippet of the leading track's music video for Tetsuya Kakihara's full-length album, Live in ToKyo.
Kiramune announced that Tetsuya Kakihara is going to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a solo artist with a special live.
Tetsuya Kakihara replies to 8 questions and gives you the title of the newest music video to be included in the upcoming MUSIC CLIP COLLECTION.
Kiramune unveiled new information on Tetsuya Kakihara's upcoming full-length album music clip collection.
Tetsuya Kakihara has great news for his fans! A new full-length album is in the works and his entire music video catalogue is going to be released.
Tetsuya Kakihara and Nobuhiko Okamoto's trust and play embraces its quirkiness, featuring fun and elegant songs that will always remember you of summer.
Tetsuya Kakihara released a special version of his 2015 song, Saichaina. Today, Tetsuya Kakihara released a remote version of his 2015 single, Saichaina, on Kiramune's official youtube channel. A note that this is only but a short take on the song...
Kiramune have news about the upcoming Tetsuya Kakihara and Nobuhiko Okamoto special event. Tetsuya Kakihara and Nobuhiko Okamoto have teamed up for a collaboration mini-album. trust and play hits stores this month and, to celebrate its release, Kiramune had announced a special...





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