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Lantis MENS GIG “A・C・E” to be held in October

Lantis brings their most promising male seiyuu solo artists to the spotlight on a special festival titled Lantis MENS GIG "A・C・E".

Tasuku Hatanaka to release 8th single “Good Luck”

Tasuku Hatanaka is ready for a comeback with "Good Luck", 8th single overflowing with theme songs for anime and movies.

TASUKU HATANAKA LIVE 2022 -REAL- to be released on Blu-ray

Experience or rewatch Tasuku Hatanaka's 2022 live shows in a special Blu-ray release hitting stores this June 2023.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2022: Album of the Year

From concept albums that twist your mind to stylish R&B tunes or even cosy acoustic rock, 2022's albums by male seiyuu artists were amazing.

Review | Tasuku Hatanaka “REAL”

Tasuku Hatanaka brings an interesting mix of joyful glee and twisted darkness with his 2nd album "REAL".

Monthly Review: TOBARI steals the show, Tasuku Hatanaka brings funk and surrealism and more

TOBARI teamed up with Takeshi Hama to steal the show, Tasuku Hatanaka delivers a funky album with dashes of surrealism, Re:vale matured as artists and more.

TASUKU HATANAKA LIVE 2022 -REAL- to be held this September & October

It's been 3 years since Tasuku Hatanaka has hopped on stage to perform live for his fans. Get ready for TASUKU HATANAKA LIVE 2022 -REAL-.

Tasuku Hatanaka graces back cover of Seiyuu Grandprix September 2022

The lineup for Seiyuu Grandprix's September 2022 issue is out. The talented seiyuu and solo artist Tasuku Hatanaka graces its back cover.

Tasuku Hatanaka to release 2nd full-length album “REAL” in August

After a full year without music releases, the talented voice actor and solo artist has announced the release of his 2nd full-length CD.

Review | Tasuku Hatanaka “TWISTED HEARTS”

Tasuku Hatanaka rises up to the challenge, venturing towards 80s inspired EDM, delivering a masterful set of performances in "TWISTED HEARTS".
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