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Seiyuu Digest #96 – Takuma Nagatsuka

A multi-talented musician, passionate voice actor with a unique, androgynous voice and a whole lot of talent to showcase.

Takuma Nagatsuka to hold First Event Talk & Mini Live in August [UPDATED]

Fans will get to meet Takuma Nagatsuka in what is his first event talk and mini live event taking place this August.

Takuma Nagatsuka to release 2nd mini-album in November

After a year without any music releases, Takuma Nagatsuka announces his comeback with a 2nd mini-album set for release in November.

Dragon’s Bite releases music video for Cao Ren’s “China ☆ Time”

The Dragon’s Bite franchise releases a new full music video, with a closer look at Cao Ren's (CV: Takuma Nagatsuka) "China ☆ Time".

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: Best New Artist

Long-awaited solo debuts by male seiyuu with outstanding singing skills, surprising ones and unexpected debuts that ended up impressing everyone marked 2021.

2021 in Review: Big Solo Artist and 2D Group Debuts

A year of unexpected solo debuts, of refreshing new 2D groups and seiyuu units. As 2021 comes to a close, it's time to revisit these debuts.

Takuma Nagatsuka to hold talk + mini-live birthday event

The seiyuu and rookie solo artist celebrates his 30th birthday with a special talk and mini-live event.

Takuma Nagatsuka to make solo debut in October

The talented seiyuu, M4!!!! and High x Joker member takes his first steps in the music industry as a solo artist.
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