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Comcha: Takahiro Sakurai and Haruka Shiraishi to release new vocal CD

Comcha countdown's hosts Takahiro Sakurai and Haruka Shiraishi are going to release a new vocal CD this month.

Takahiro Sakurai graces cover of Da Vinci’s November 2021 issue

Da Vinci magazine unveiled the lineup for its November 2021 issue. Takahiro Sakurai gets his first solo cover for this magazine.

Takahiro Sakurai to publish 1st essay book “47-Sai, mada mada Boya”

The popular seiyuu talks about his 25th career and gives advice to seiyuu newcomers about the industry's ins and outs in a special essay book.

Takahiro Sakurai and Yuichi Nakamura featured on anan magazine

The talented voice actors, part of the cast of Osomatsu-san, are featured in the latest issue of anan magazine.

Seiyuu Digest #30 – Takahiro Sakurai

History of redemption and reinvention, an iconic voice, and several iconic roles under his belt, this is Takahiro Sakurai's Seiyuu Digest.

Comcha: Takahiro Sakurai and Yuka Iguchi are set to release new vocal CD

Comcha countdown (こむちゃっとカウントダウン), radio show aired every weekend and hosted by Takahiro Sakurai and Yuka Iguchi, is...

ELEKITER ROUND 0 – Preorders available for the 5th mini-album

Preorders are now open for ELEKITER ROUND 0's 5th mini-album! ELEKITER ROUND 0, seiyuu unit consisting of Satoshi...

ELEKITER ROUND 0 working on the PV for the new mini-album

Announced earlier this year at the music festival "Marine Wave Super live", the duo ELEKITER ROUND 0,...
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