Subaru Kimura

ŹOOĻ's leader Touma celebrates his birthday with a special RabbiTube video.
Subaru Kimura teams up with the rock band Gesshoku Kaigi to perform the theme song for "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins".

Subaru Kimura to celebrate 31st birthday with 8-hour livestream

Popular seiyuu and actor Subaru Kimura is going to celebrate his 31st birthday with an 8-hour night livestream.

Seiyuu Digest #74 – Subaru Kimura

Beloved by many due to his easygoing and quirky personality & respected by many for his talents, Subaru Kimura is on the rise.

Subaru Kimura joins FAVOLC as creator

Subaru Kimura recently joins FAVOLC as its 1st creator.

Subaru Kimura unveils new details on SUBA ROOTS

Subaru Kimura, popular seiyuu and the face of Hypnosis Mic, unveiled new details on SUBA ROOTS.

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