Soma Saito

From outstanding performances with 2D groups to intricate, spine-chilling ones as solo artists, these are my picks of the 12 male seiyuu that impressed me in 2022.
Saito's reputation for telling vivid, engaging stories and executing complex concepts has made him one of the most anticipated solo artists.

Monthly Review: Soma Saito steals the show with “Yin/Yang”, and more

Soma Saito, ZOOL and NSFW arrive to wrap up 2022 in style with mindblowing performances and never-before-tried concepts.

Tokyo Color Sonic!! to hold 2nd live event in August 2023

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!!'s cast is back on stage in 2023 for a special event taking place this August.

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! to kick off 3rd CD series “Trust” + digital single series

The Tokyo Color Sonic franchise is back for more. The 3rd CD season "Trust" and a digital single series are set to kick off this year.

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! to release new CD “Growing ENDING”

The franchise wraps up the 2nd CD series with the release of "TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! Growing ENDING".

2022 in Review: Best Albums by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D Groups

Fancy tunes, intricate stories and concepts and plenty of outstanding performances marked this year's album releases.

2022 in Review: Best Songs Released by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D groups

2022 was a year of quality music by male seiyuu artists and 2D groups. In this article, check out 20 of the best songs released this year.

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