Shunichi Toki

After the successful release of his 1st album "Good for", Shunichi Toki is back for more with the 3rd single "Glorious World".
SHIFTYz, funk-rock duo part of the ENLIGHTRIBE franchise, releases a new CD, titled "Reminiscence", in November.

Nobuhiko Okamoto graces main cover of VOICE Newtype no.085

VOICE Newtype unveiled the lineup for its upcoming No.085 issue. Nobuhiko Okamoto and Shunichi Toki grace the covers of this issue.

Shunichi Toki presents Good For LIVE!! to be held in October

PONY CANYON announced that the talented seiyuu and solo artists Shunichi Toki is going to hold a special live show in October.

Nobuhiko Okamoto graces main cover of Ani-PASS #18

Ani-PASS unveiled details on its upcoming issue. Nobuhiko Okamoto graces the main cover of issue #18.

Review | Shunichi Toki “Good For”

Shunichi Toki goes all out, delivering a perfect collection of throwback tunes in what is a highlight reel of an album with “Good For”.

Shunichi Toki featured on Weekly TV Guide June 3, 2022 issue

The newest issue of Weekly TV Guide - June 3, 2022 - includes an interview with the talented seiyuu and solo artist Shunichi Toki.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: Solo Artist of the Year

Reinventing themselves, embracing old-school sound, spreading their wings as singer-songwriters, these are your solo artists of 2021.

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