Shoya Chiba

The lineup for Seiyuu Grandprix's October 2022 issue is out. The main cast of the "Cool Doji Danshi" anime and Daisuke Ono grace its covers.
AVEX PICTURES announced that the popular hit song cover project Re:collection is going to hold a live event in 2023.

Shoya Chiba to undergo vocal cord surgery to remove nodules

Shoya Chiba is going on a brief hiatus to undergo vocal cord surgery to remove nodules.

Monthly Review: Shunichi Toki’s “Good for” aims for album of the year, IDOLiSH7 brought back a gentle sound & more

Shunichi Toki took listeners through an 80s and 90s trip with "Good for", IDOLiSH7 delivered a lovely single with "Mallow Blue" and more.

Yuki Kaji, Shintaro Asanuma, Shoya Chiba and more participate in “Re:collection” CDs

AVEX PICTURES teams up with popular male seiyuu to revisit classic J-pop songs from the 90s to the 20s.

Monthly Review: Takuya Eguchi is back with “EGURand”, EROSION steals the show, Anthos* is back to its origins & more

EROSION arrives to steal the show with the best CD released in April, Takuya Eguchi goes through a growing period with an eclectic "EGURand", Anthos* returned to its origins and more.

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! unveils details on 2nd CD series “Growing”

The TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! franchise kicks off the 2nd CD series with new singer + composer duos. Get to know the first details on these CDs.

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! releases cast music video for “Grow up!!”

The TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! franchise released its first cast music video. "Grow up!!" is the theme song for the 2nd CD series kicking off this summer.

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