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TV Guide VOICE STARS Dandyism unveils lineup for vol.7

TV Guide unveiled the lineup for its 7th issue of TV Guide VOICE STARS Dandyism featuring Shinnosuke Tachibana and Jun Fukuyama on the cover.

Re:vale LIVE GATE “Re:flect U” to be Released on Blu-ray/DVD

Re:vale's exciting 1st one-man live show Re:vale LIVE GATE “Re:flect U” finally gets its release on Blu-ray and DVD this August.

Review | ŹOOĻ “Źenit”

"Źenit" is a fantastic look into the 4 unique personalities and styles in ŹOOĻ, exploring those through a set of stylish songs.

ŹOOĻ to release 1st EP + hold first one-man live show

2023 kicks off in style as ŹOOĻ takes the stage for its first-ever one-man live show. The group's 1st EP was also announced.

Review | Re:vale “Re:flect In”

Fancy and mature, Re:vale is sounding better than ever in "Re:flect in", album perfect to greet new fans and please longtime ones.

Re:vale to release 2nd Album + hold first one-man live show

Re:vale hops on stage for its first-ever solo live show this year. At the same time, the duo announced the release of its 2nd full-length album.

Shinnosuke Tachibana teams up with LIVERTINE AGE for special design

Shinnosuke Tachibana is back for a new collaboration with Japanese apparel brand LIVERTINE AGE.

Shinnosuke Tachibana launches 2D music battle project “I’m sorry”

New 2D music project created by seiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana pities prime ministers against each other in a singing battle.

Shinnosuke Tachibana models unique design for LIVERTINE AGE

Shinnosuke Tachibana teams up with LIVERTINE AGE to release a special hoodie design.

Re:vale “NO DOUBT” (Review)

Re:vale are back with the new single "NO DOUBT". Between carefully crafted Latin imbued instrumentals and simple, progressive dance...
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