Shinichiro Kamio

The literature + lo-fi duo is ready to release its 2nd full-length album this summer. "Saniarazu" hits stores in August 2022.
KATARI released an aesthetically pleasing video for its unique take on “Shizen to hito oshiminaku ai wa ubau” by Takeo Arishima.

KATARI releases new song “Kazetachinu Aibiki”

KATARI released a relaxing video for its unique take on “Kazetachinu Aibiki” by Tatsuo Hori.

MAGATSU NOTE to release “DEVIL ASYLUM” in August

The MAGATSU NOTE's franchise is set to release its 1st single this summer. Details on "DEVIL ASYLUM" are out.

KATARI releases new song “Kan Tenchi”

KATARI released a video for a unique take on “Kan tenchi” by Takuboku Ishikawa.

KATARI releases new song “Gakebata Aruki”

KATARI celebrated its 1st anniversary with the release of the original song "Gakebata aruki".

MAGATSU NOTE: Neo Futuristic Sengoku meets Rock Music

Japan's Warring States gets a neo-futuristic twist in the ambitious dark mixed media project, MAGATSU NOTE.

KATARI releases new song “Onna / Somon / Anthology”

KATARI released a video for its unique take on "Onna / Somon / Anthology" by Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

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