2022 in Review: New 2D Music Projects that Took the Spotlight

Exploring all kinds of music genres and bringing unique casts, this is a feature covering the buzzworthy 2D music projects launched in 2022.

2022 in Review: Big Solo Artist and 2D Group Debuts

2022 counted with very few solo artist and 2D group debuts. As the year comes to a close, it's time to revisit the big solo, seiyuu unit and 2D group debuts.

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Seiyuu join 2D music projects, debut as solo artists, and join bands. But how is it that almost all voice actors sing well?

2D Music + Situation Drama Projects You Should Check

Storytelling through music and situation drama. Ambitious projects with star-studded casts and high-quality music. This is the niche of the 2D music industry: 2D music + situation drama projects.

2021 in Review: New 2D Music Projects that Took the Spotlight

With the music industry being saturated with 2D music projects, there was an effort in bringing refreshing concepts + music to the spotlight.

2D Music Projects You Should be Following in 2021

Yearly, over a dozen 2D music projects are launched. Among those, there are gems that go under the radar for many.

2021 in Review: Big Solo Artist and 2D Group Debuts

A year of unexpected solo debuts, of refreshing new 2D groups and seiyuu units. As 2021 comes to a close, it's time to revisit these debuts.

9 Rising Stars dazzling with their singing skills in 2021

Young new talents trailing their path in the seiyuu industry. Showcasing impressive singing skills or potential to become powerhouses.

7 Underrated Singers among Male Seiyuu

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5 Acts that Paved the Way for Seiyuu Artists & 2D Music Projects

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