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Despite the odd timing, Yoshimasa Hosoya and Satoshi Hino are now on Twitter.
Satoshi Hino. Respected by not only fellow seiyuu but also by his fans due to his motherly personality, massive talent for voice acting and wits.
ELEKITER ROUND 0 are back after a one year break from their double releases in the first quarter of 2014. With a brand new image and sound ER0 are showing us that they can keep up with the other seiyuu...
ELEKITER ROUND 0 bring us their seventh single, titled RE:QUIEM, next month. The cover art was finally updated. Only the tracklist remains unknown at the moment. Titled RE:QUIEM, the new mini-album is scheduled to be released on 08/04/2015, available in two editions: regular and limited CD+DVD....
ELEKITER ROUND 0 make their comeback with a new single this April after one year without releases. The unit consisting of Satoshi Hino and Shinnosuke Tachibana bring us their seventh single, the follow up to 顔無紳士(ポーカーフェイス)(Kaonashi shinshi (Poker Face)) and 狂騒輪舞曲...
Almost one year after their double release, Elekiter Round 0 are back with more music. The seiyuu unit consisting of newlywed Satoshi Hino and Shinnosuke Tachibana are back with a new mini-album, the seventh in their repertoire. Not much details...
X.I.P , seiyuu unit originated from Android/iOS game "Tokimeki Restaurant" and consisting of Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi and Takuya Eguchi are going to release their first single titled "Naughty!!!" on 26/03/2014 and now more information has surfaced regarding this...
X.I.P , seiyuu unit originated from Android/iOS game "Tokimeki Restaurant" and consisting of Satoshi Hino, Kousuke Toriumi and Takuya Eguchi have their first release scheduled to hit the stores on 26/03/2014. This is the first single release from the...
Prolific seiyuu Miyano Mamoru, the voice of Light from Death Note and Ichinose Tokiya from Uta No Prince Sama, successfully had his first Budokan live show this October 4 in Japan and at the show, he announced the release...





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