Ryohei Kimura

Tokyo Color Sonic!! Special Live~Grow up!!~ to be released on Blu-ray

Tokyo Color Sonic!! Special Live~Grow up!!~, special live show + live reading event held in 2023 gets a special release on Blu-ray.

Review | Trignal “Ironna Katachi”

Trignal makes a confident comeback with “Ironna Katachi”, mini-album that easily arrived to steal the show and become the best album of 2023.

Movic unveils details on Shun and Hajime’s “Light & Dark”

Procellarum's Shun Shimotsuki and Six Gravity's Hajime Mutsuki team up for "Light & Dark", the 12th release in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series.

Trignal to celebrate 10th anniversary with a special event in December

Kiramune announced that Trignal will be holding a special 2-day event in December 2023 to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Yoshimasa Hosoya to guest on Ryohei Kimura’s Kimuraism IV

The fourth installment of Ryohei Kimura's variety show, "Kimura Ryohei's Kimuraism," is here with Yoshimasa Hosoya as a guest.

Ryohei Kimura to release 2 photobooks this month

Ryohei Kimura is going to release two photobooks to celebrate his 39th anniversary and 6th anniversary of his ongoing column.

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! to Release Visual Book “arrival”

The TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! franchise celebrates its 2nd anniversary with the release of the visual book "arrival".

Trignal Announces Release of New Mini-Album “Ironna Katachi”

After a 5 year hiatus without CD releases, Trignal has finally announced their comeback with a new full-length album to be released soon.

Tokyo Color Sonic!! to hold 2nd live event in August 2023

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!!'s cast is back on stage in 2023 for a special event taking place this August.

Review | NSFW “Sora Kara Furu Yume”

NSFW brings its most cohesive sound ever with "Sora Kara Furu Yume", wrapping up the UNLIMITED CD series in style.

Rejet unveils details on “Dear Vocalist Unlimited Entry No.6 NSFW”

Rejet unveiled the first details on A' (CV: Ryohei Kimura)'s entry in the "Unlimited" CD series in the Dear Vocalist franchise.

KENN and Tsubasa Yonaga guest on Ryohei Kimura’s Kimuraism III

Ryohei Kimura's variety show Kimura Ryohei's Kimuraism makes its return after 3 years without activity. KENN and Tsubasa Yonaga guest on volume 3.

Tokyo Color Sonic!! Special Live~Begin on buddy~ to be released on Blu-ray

This summer, fans of the Tokyo Color Sonic!! franchise will get to watch the franchise's first live event on Blu-ray.

Review | “Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.3 TOWA×MIRAI”

A carefree pop sound hiding a striking duality. Towa and Mirai's entry in the Tokyo Color Sonic!! is incredibly fascinating.