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3 Majesty&X.I.P. are going to release a mini-album this summer to celebrate the franchise's 5th anniversary. "Let's make a miracle" is scheduled to be released on 27/06/2018, available in regular and limited editions. The cover art is the following: The tracklist is following: 1...
X.I.P.'s second album is going to be released in 2018. Yesterday, the album's tracklist was released. "Keep on chasing" and will be released a month later on 28/02/2018. The album is available in two editions: regular and limited. The tracklist is...
X.I.P. return with a new single in 2018. Today, the cover art and tracklist for "Black Mirage" was unveiled. The 5th single drops in January. "Black Mirage" is their 5th single, set to be released on 24/01/2018. The single is available...
X.I.P. are set to comeback as a unit after the Cross unit duets in 2018. The bad boy idols return with their 5th single and 2nd album earlier next year. "Black Mirage" is their 5th single, set to be released on...
X.I.P keep their momentum going with "Paint it Black", the group's newest summery release. Title: Paint It Dark Label: Universal Music Release date: 29/03/2017 Genre: J-Pop/Rock/Dance Tracklist: 1  Don’t Stop The Party (不破センターver.) 2  &Goodbye (不破センターver.) 3  ずっと... 4  Just like honey 5  New universe 6  Don’t Stop The Party (不破センターver.) (Instrumental) 7  &Goodbye (不破センターver.) (Instrumental) 8  ずっと... (Instrumental) 9  Just like honey...
"Prince Rep. Selection" is X.I.P.'s first Best Of release. Between iconic hits and some mellower tunes, it's impossible not to grin at this group's outstanding growth. Just like like their peers 3 Majesty, X.I.P. made us realize once again why...
Alike their labelmates 3 Majesty, X.I.P are set to make their comeback during this month. Universal music has unveiled details regarding the unit's new release "Paint it Black". "Paint It Dark" is set to be released on 29/03/2017, available in two editions: regular...
X.I.P. release their first ever Best Of album with "Prince Rep. Selection - X.I.P. -". The virtual boyband consisting of Date Kyoya (Kousuke Toriumi), Kanzaki Toru (Takuya Eguchi), Fuwa Kento (Satoshi Hino) bring back some of their most iconic songs for one...
X.I.P, virtual boyband consisting of Date Kyoya (Kousuke Toriumi), Kanzaki Toru (Takuya Eguchi), Fuwa Kento (Satoshi Hino), are back with not one, but two singles. Universal Music have updated some details regarding the new releases. The first single to be released is titled...
"I'm not getting older, I'm leveling up" - this seems to fit Miyu's sound that sounds like it has matured, settling for a more pop-rock driven sound (...) This is Miyu Irino at his best" Being released on his birthday...





Shouta Aoi BAD END cover

Review | Shouta Aoi “BAD END”

With BAD END, Shouta Aoi presents fans with fresh songs and unique vocal performances that are a clear improvement from last year's Harmony.


Inspired guitar riffs, powerful drums and memorable bass lines helped shape up the absolute banger that is GYROAXIA's SCATTER.
Soma Saito Petrichor cover

Review | Soma Saito “Petrichor”

Soma Saito's Petrichor will put your senses through a unique sonic experience filled with elegance, flair and maturity.
Yuma Uchida Over

Review | Yuma Uchida “Over”

Yuma Uchida really went for it, didn’t he? Explosive, impactful and fresh while still familiar, Over takes the throne as his best single to date.
OLDCODEX Core Fade regular

Review | OLDCODEX “Core Fade”

Electronica takes center stage for OLDCODEX’s Core Fade and the results in yet another raw and powerful entry in their repertoire.