2021 in Review: Albums that Went Under the Radar in 2021

More often than not, outstanding albums go under the radar for fans of seiyuu artists or 2D groups. Time to celebrate the hidden gems of 2021.

2D Music Projects You Should be Following in 2021

Yearly, over a dozen 2D music projects are launched. Among those, there are gems that go under the radar for many.

Review | NOISE NOVA “PERFECTION NOISE Original Soundtrack”

NOISE NOVA's stirring sound and impressive talents shine through in the compilation album "PERFECTION NOISE Original Soundtrack".

Review | Chisato Kurumiya “Achromatic”

Chisato Kurumiya (CV: Ryohei Kimura) brings a lot of fragility to the table with the emotional solo track "Achromatic".

NOISE NOVA to release “PERFECTION NOISE Original Soundtrack” in March

The PERFECTION NOISE franchise bundles up all the solo songs by NOISE NOVA's members as well as "True Place" in a special package.

Review | Akito Sakisaka “Down to Zero”

Akito Sakisaka arrives with the imposing pop-meets-trap "Down to Zero", song that adds more depth to NOISE NOVA.

Spica release music video for Akito Sakisaka’s “Down to Zero”

The music video for Akito Sakisaka's solo track "Down to Zero" is out. PERFECTION NOISE Vol.3 Akito Sakisaka is out.

Spica unveil tracklist for Akito Sakisaka’s “PERFECTION NOISE Vol.3”

The tracklist for PERFECTION NOISE Vol.3 Akito Sakisaka is out. The CD hits stores later this month.

Spica release preview of Chisato Kurumiya’s “Achromatic”

The cover art for PERFECTION NOISE Vol.4 Chisato Kurumiya is out. Additionally, a preview of the solo track, "Achromatic" is out.

PERFECTION NOISE release music video for Sena Ichijo’s “Turning Point”

The music video for Sena Ichijo's (CV: Soma Saito) solo entry in the PERFECTION NOISE franchise, "Turning Point", is out.
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