Paradox Live

The Paradox Live franchise plans to hold a massive live show in 2023 for "Paradox Live Dope Show 2023".
The consolation match for Paradox Live's VISTY, AMPRULE, 1Nm8, and Goku Luck is set for a release in February 2023.

Paradox Live franchise announces development of smartphone game

Prepare to clean your smartphone's memory because the Paradox Live franchise is working on a smartphone game.

Review | “Paradox Live Shuffle Team Show vol.1”

Making the best out of the individual charms of all characters in this franchise, "Paradox Live Shuffle Team Show vol.1" impresses.

Review | “Paradox Live -Road to Legend- Round1 “FATE””

"FATE" opens this new battle season in the best way possible. Emotions are reeling, bonds are up to the test, and the music by all groups is at its best.

Monthly Review: KAGARIBI goes the emotional route, SparQlew and Gakuto Kajiwara shine and more

KAGARIBI nods at the past but with a loving note on the side, Gakuto Kajiwara delivers a powerful performance in "Irochigai no Itotaba", more.

Paradox Live 2nd LIVE DOPE SHOW to be released on BD/DVD

Paradox Live's electrifying 2nd live show is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD this October. Get to know more about this release.

Paradox Live THE ANIMATION to premiere in 2023

The Paradox Live franchise has announced that an anime adaptation is in the works! Get to know the first details on it in this article.

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