Moonchime Studios announced a collaboration with the Japanese publisher Poni-Pachet to bring their latest project to English-speaking audiences, Haunted Obachestra.
There's a new smartphone visual novel game in the Haunted Obachestra franchise as well as 2 new songs.

Haunted Obachestra release new single “Thanatos Notes”

There's new music in the Haunted Obachestra franchise. A new song by Gioh (CV: Makoto Furukawa) is out!

Haunted Obachestra Vol.1 Awaking game to launch in December

The Haunted Obachestra franchise is going to launch its first game this December.

Haunted Obachestra to release “SSSVol.1 CODE:APRIL FOOLS”

Haunted Obachestra is going to release Exnaz Von Enterstein's Ugekka. This special release, that was teased on April Fools, is going to be released online. Surprise Song...

Haunted Obachestra unveil details on upcoming event

Haunted Obachestra unveiled the key visual and title for its upcoming event. オーバーチュア (Obature) special event that will take place on 18/04/2020 at TIAT SKY HALL...

Haunted Obachestra to hold special event in April

Haunted Obachestra announced its first event. Haunted Obachestra is a project by Poni-Pachet (creators of Ozmafia), involving rock music and monsters. Haunted Obachestra has music by Kimiyoshi Maruyama, producer/songwriter...

Haunted Obachestra unveil details on 8th digital single

Haunted Obachestra unveiled details on the franchise's 8th digital single. The 7th solo release of the Haunted Obachestra Solo song series belongs to Rainley voiced by...

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