A preview of MY▼MILKY▼WAY's 4th single, Saiai Koyaku, is out.
The cover art for MY▼MILKY▼WAY's 4th single, Saiai Koyaku, is out.

Rejet release preview of MY▼MILKY▼WAY’s “Goodbye Rulebook”

A preview of MY▼MILKY▼WAY's Goodbye Rulebook is out. Their new digital single, Goodbye Rulebook, is released this week.

Rejet release voice message from MY▼MILKY▼WAY

A voice message from MY▼MILKY▼WAY to their fans is out.

Rejet unveil cover art for MY▼MILKY▼WAY’s “Goodbye Rulebook”

The cover art for MY▼MILKY▼WAY's new single is out. Rejet announced the comeback of Marginal #4 franchise's shuffle units, WONDER CORONA, NEBULAS and My Milky...

My Milky Way “Kashimashi Love” (Review)

MY▼MILKY▼WAY is back with another single. Rejet's resident "cute" unit bring us "Kashimashi Love", their second single, one that will certainly erase our initial doubts...

My Milky Way “Kashimashi Love” – Pre-orders open

MY▼MILKY▼WAY is making their comeback in September with a new single. Pre-orders are now open for everyone around the world. カシマシLOVE is scheduled to be released on 14/09/2016, available...

My Milky Way “Kashimashi Love” – Final details unveiled

MY▼MILKY▼WAY is set to release a new single in September as announced earlier this year. Rejet has updated all details regarding their new single. More details below. カシマシLOVE is...

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