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Kiramune brings us exciting news. Nobuhiko Okamoto is ready to make his comeback before the end of this year with a new mini-album. More details under the cuff. Titled "Questory", this will be Nobuhiko's 4th mini-album release since his solo debut...
GRANRODEO's new Greatest Hits is just around the corner. To celebrate 10 years of GRANRODEO, the band is going to release DECADE OF GR, a greatest hits that promises to bring back big hits and deliver some new songs at...
Tetsuya Kakihara has announced in July that his first full album was in the works. Slowly details regarding it are being unveiled. The latest detail unveiled is the album's title. More details under the cuff. The follow up to this year's...
Shouta Aoi's 4th single "Murasaki" is finally out. With mesmerizing high notes mixed with traditional japanese elements, Shouta shows us a magnificent pop and rock spectacle. Single: MURASAKI Label: Broccoli Release date: 02/09/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 1 - MURASAKI  2 - 哀唄 3 - MURASAKI (off vocal) 4...
Takuya Satou is receiving a lot of hype from seiyuu fans due to his solo debut announcement earlier last week. "Set Sail" is his debut single, scheduled to be released in the last quarter of the year. More details regarding it have been unveiled. Titled...
KENN's  "Dance in the Light" has been one of the most anticipated single releases for this 3rd quarter of 2015. Sadly the single fails to deliver something interesting and really relevant to correspond to all the hype surronding it. Single: Dance...
"Hareroku" is Hiroshi Kamiya's new mini-album. Picking up several songs from other artists and give them his twist proved to be an interesting feat. Going back in time with his debut song "My diary" was something incredible. And why is...
A vocal powerhouse is making his debut. If making women swoon with his voice in games and anime was not enough, his new endeavor is bound to make more damages. Takuya Satou, 31 year old seiyuu, known for his roles as Masamune Tooya in...
Lagrange Point are making their comeback with a new single in October. Currently Rejet's most complete and consistent unit, Lagrange Point release their fifth single titled 「愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ」, single that is already sounding "heavier" than "Beautiful Phantom". We take a look at...
Satoshi Hino. Respected by not only fellow seiyuu but also by his fans due to his motherly personality, massive talent for voice acting and wits.





Tasuku Hatanaka History

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