Monthly Review

Soma Saito, ZOOL and NSFW arrive to wrap up 2022 in style with mindblowing performances and never-before-tried concepts.
Mamoru Miyano, Veronica, Miyu Irino, and Wataru Hatano showed their cards in November 2022, leaving a big impression.

Monthly Review: Anthos* steals the show with “TELL”, JET RAT FURY impresses and more

JET RAT FURY, Daisuke Ono and Anthos* stand out in an uneventful October 2022 in terms of music quality.

Monthly Review: Yuma Uchida celebrates his birthday in style, Kent Ito makes a stellar solo debut and more

Kent Ito impress with his debut, Yuma Uchida celebrates his 30th anniversary with a special single, Loulou*di goes darker and darker and more.

Monthly Review: TOBARI steals the show, Tasuku Hatanaka brings funk and surrealism and more

TOBARI teamed up with Takeshi Hama to steal the show, Tasuku Hatanaka delivers a funky album with dashes of surrealism, Re:vale matured as artists and more.

Monthly Review: Soma Saito’s “my beautiful valentine” is mindblowing, GYROAXIA kicks off a new era, and more

Soma Saito went darker and darker with his 2nd EP "my beautiful valentine", Yuma Uchida put a smile on everyone's faces with the sweet "Good mood", GYROAXIA kicked off a new era and more.

Monthly Review: Toshiki Masuda’s “Midnight Dancer” impresses, everybody loves IDOLiSH7’s “Opus” and more

Toshiki Masuda ended up impressing a lot of people with "Midnight Dancer" and it seems he may be on route for his best ever result at Oricon's Weekly Singles chart. IDOLiSH7's "Opus" is everyone's favorite album this month.

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