Makoto Furukawa

Mindblowing songs. Outstanding performances. Not enough spotlight.Time to make things right and shed a light on the hidden gems of 2022.
SOARA's Soshi (CV: Makoto Furukawa) is set to release "Overjoy -Kyoukiranbu-" in the "Ano Koro no Bokura wa My Dear Days." CD series.

Monthly Review: Soma Saito does it again with “Rakuen”, Makoto Furukawa, Sir Vanity impress and more

Soma Saito bids goodbye to an era in his solo career with "Rakuen", Makoto Furukawa sweeps everyone off their feet with a dual single in "Ibara Rinbukyoku" and more.

Review | Makoto Furukawa “Ibara Rinbukyoku”

Haunting, intimate, and raw, Makoto Furukawa's "Ibara Rinbukyoku" is a single with fascinating dual charms.

Seiyuu Animedia unveils lineup for July 2022 issue

Seiyuu Animedia unveiled the main features for its July 2022 issue. UMake and Makoto Furukawa grace this issue's covers.

Seiyuu Animedia unveils lineup for June 2022 issue

Seiyuu Animedia unveiled the main feature for its June 2022 issue. Makoto Furukawa is going to be featured on the cover.

Makoto Furukawa to release new single “Ibara Rinbukyoku”

Lantis confirmed that Makoto Furukawa is set to perform the opening theme for the 2nd cour of "Requiem of the Rose King".

Monthly Review: Soma Saito’s “my beautiful valentine” is mindblowing, GYROAXIA kicks off a new era, and more

Soma Saito went darker and darker with his 2nd EP "my beautiful valentine", Yuma Uchida put a smile on everyone's faces with the sweet "Good mood", GYROAXIA kicked off a new era and more.

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