Hana-Doll* -Reinterpretation of Flowering- Anime Announced

Hana-Doll* -Reinterpretation of Flowering-, anime based on Hana-Doll*'s "Flowering" drama CD series, is greenlit!

Loulou*di to Release New CD “THINK OF ME: NOTHING”

After the release of "THINK OF ME: ARK", Loulou*di is back with new music. This summer the trio releases "THINK OF ME: NOTHING".

Review | Loulou*di “ARK”

Loulou*di's "ARK" is an unusual entry focused on destruction and desolation with surprising compositions and impressive performances.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2022: Best 2D Group

2D groups continued to impress in 2022 with stellar performances, technical vocals and insanely groovy music.

Loulou*di to release new CD “THINK OF ME: ARK”

Loulou*di kicks 2023 off with the release of its 4th CD. "THINK OF ME: ARK" is set for a release in March.

2022 in Review: Underrated Albums that Deserve More Love

Mindblowing songs. Outstanding performances. Not enough spotlight.Time to make things right and shed a light on the hidden gems of 2022.

Review | Loulou*di “MONO”

Loulou*di''s “MONO” is a scream in the middle of a bleak world. A cry for help. A courageous step towards a new beginning. It is spine-chilling.

Loulou*di to release new CD “THINK OF ME: MONO”

Loulou*di kicks off its 3rd CD series "THINK OF ME" with a CD slotted for September release. The first details about "MONO" are out.

Review | Loulou*di “INCOMPLICA:IT ~Pensée~”

Loulou*di’s “Pensée” is a hauntingly beautiful CD bringinging forth complex compositions and the most technical performances so far.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: Best 2D Group

From celebrating big anniversaries to pushing the boundaries of their sound and image or winning long battle series, these are the top best 2D groups according to our readers.

Hana-Doll* franchise to hold fan meeting in May

The franchise is set to hold its first fan meeting in May, counting with members of Anthos* and Loulou*di in attendance.

2021 in Review: Albums that Went Under the Radar in 2021

More often than not, outstanding albums go under the radar for fans of seiyuu artists or 2D groups. Time to celebrate the hidden gems of 2021.

Loulou*di unveils details on “INCOMPLICA:IT ~Pensée~”

The talented trio gears up for a new CD release in 2022. The first details on "INCOMPLICA:IT ~Pensée~" are out.

Review | Loulou*di “INCOMPLICA:I/F~Idéal~”

Loulou*di keeps on pushing the boundaries of what elegance in 2D music is. "Idéal" is yet another flawless entry in their repertoire.