Kiramune Music Festival 2024 Announced

Kiramune's solo artists and units are ready to hop on stage for the 2-day live festival, Kiramune Music Festival 2024.

Trignal to celebrate 10th anniversary with a special event in December

Kiramune announced that Trignal will be holding a special 2-day event in December 2023 to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Wataru Hatano LIVE 2023 – Dawn – to be held in November

In November, Wataru Hatano hops on stage to promote his concept mini-album "Dawn" in the live show, "Wataru Hatano LIVE 2023 - Dawn -".

Hiroki Takahashi to celebrate 20th solo artist anniversary in September

The veteran seiyuu and solo artist Hiroki Takashi is back on stage to celebrate his 20th anniversary as a singer.

Miyu Irino to hold new live show in December

In December 2023, fans will have the opportunity to witness a special live performance by none other than Miyu Irino.

Daiki Yamashita Announces Birthday Event “DAIKING Festa Vol.2”

Daiki Yamashita is going to celebrate his birthday with the special event "DAIKING Festa Vol.2".

Junta Terashima Announces Birthday Live Show

Talented seiyuu and solo artist Junta Terashima hops on stage with a live band for a special birthday event this August.

MAMORU MIYANO LIVE TOUR 2023 〜SINGING!〜 to kick off in September

This September, Mamoru Miyano is back on the road for the new live tour MAMORU MIYANO LIVE TOUR 2023 〜SINGING!〜.

GYROAXIA LIVE TOUR 2023 KICK-START to be held in August

GYROAXIA is back on the road for GYROAXIA LIVE TOUR 2023 KICK-START, new live tour kicking off this summer.

SparQlew to Kick off New Live Tour in August 2023

Popular seiyuu unit SparQlew is back on the road this Summer for a new live tour titled "SparQlew Live Tour 2023".

Hiroyuki Yoshino 10th Anniversary LIVE to be Held in August

Hiroyuki Yoshino is back on stage this summer, this time to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a solo artist.

Argonavis LIVE TOUR 2023 -Start Line- to be held in May

Argonavis is ready to headline a new live tour in May 2023, this time around visiting fans in two prefectures in Japan.

Kenichi Suzumura LIVE TOUR 2023 “ROOTS” to kick off in August

To promote the release of his 3rd Mini-Album “ROOTS”, Kenichi Suzumura announced a new live tour, kicking off this autumn.

Makoto Furukawa Announces New Single “Place your bets” + 1st Live Show

Lantis announced that Makoto Furukawa is getting ready to release a new single as well as hold his 1st live show - with a live audience - later in the year.