Kenjiro Tsuda

Kenjiro Tsuda featured on Weekly TV Guide March 15, 2024 issue

The latest issue of Weekly TV Guide features an interview with the popular seiyuu and actor, Kenjiro Tsuda.

TV Guide VOICE STARS Dandyism unveils lineup for vol.8

TV Guide unveiled the lineup for its 8th issue of TV Guide VOICE STARS Dandyism featuring Kenjiro Tsuda on the cover.

Kenjiro Tsuda to release photobook “Sasayaki”

Popular seiyuu, actor and director Kenjiro Tsuda is set to release the photobook "Sasayaki" in October.

Yukihiro Nozuyama parts ways with Rush Style and joins Stay Luck

The talented seiyuu, narrator and member of the popular 2D rap crew Fling Posse has departed Rush Style and joined Stay Luck.

Kenjiro Tsuda graces cover of Weekly Asahi magazine

Kenjiro Tsuda talks about his path to working in the entertainment industry, from his dream to be a filmmaker to becoming a voice actor.

Kenjiro Tsuda joins cast of TV drama “Saiai”

The popular seiyuu, actor and director is back on the small screen with a role in an upcoming TV drama series.

Kenjiro Tsuda stars in live-action mini-series “Gokufudo”

Popular seiyuu, actor and director, Kenjiro Tsuda stars as himself in the special Netflix live-action mini-series "Gokufudo".

Kenjiro Tsuda to celebrate 50th birthday with a special online livestream

Happy Birthday to Kenjiro Tsuda! The veteran seiyuu, actor and director meets his fans today for a special livestream on YouTube.

Kenjiro Tsuda parts ways with Amuleto and joins ANDSTIR

The veteran seiyuu, actor and director is starting a new chapter in his career.

Kenjiro Tsuda guests in “Yell” daytime TV drama

Kenjiro Tsuda goes from narrator for the long running TV drama, "Yell", to a guest actor in one of the series' episodes.

Kenjiro Tsuda stars in live action promotional video for Gokushufudo

Kenjiro Tsuda gives life to Tatsu in a short live action promotional video.