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Kenji Nojima and Toya Nojima team up to release “DUAL VOICES” CD

Father and son team up to sing for UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN's special CD series "DUAL VOICES".

Kenji Nojima models designs for LIVERTINE AGE

The veteran seiyuu and narrator models Miki no Mikoto's collaboration hoodies for LIVERTINE AGE.

Kenji Nojima to hold solo live in March

Kenji Nojima is going to hold a new live. Nojima announced that he's going to hold a new solo live. N_ZONE...

Kenji Nojima releases previews and tracklist for new album “Don’t Worry〜モノタリナイ物語”

Kenji Nojima is going to release his 3rd independent album. "Don’t Worry〜モノタリナイ物語" will drop before the end...

Kenji Nojima is working on 3rd album

It seems that Kenji Nojima is set to release a new album. Nojima, currently writing his music as an...

Seiyuu Digest #24 – Kenji Nojima

This month we return with the amazingly talented Kenji Nojima, a seiyuu with a lot to offer however he's a little underrated.

Kenji Nojima makes his debut in the music business

Good news, no, fantastic news for Kenji Nojima's fans. The extremely talented seiyuu is making his debut in...
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