Kenichi Suzumura

OREPARA celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with four live shows featuring 4 special guests.
This summer, rewatch or watch for the very first time the awesome performances from OREPARA -2021〜TERMINAL〜 on Blu-ray.

Kenichi Suzumura joins Twitter

The popular voice actor and singer-songwriter recently joined Twitter, in the meantime shocking some of his fellow seiyuu.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: Solo Artist of the Year

Reinventing themselves, embracing old-school sound, spreading their wings as singer-songwriters, these are your solo artists of 2021.

Review | Kenichi Suzumura “BRIGHT”

“BRIGHT” looks at the past with fondness and as it faces forward, looking at the future with a hopeful and inspiring tone.

2021 in Review: Big live tours, unexpected comebacks, and more

Seiyuu artists and 2D groups opened their arms to international fans, live shows were bigger and of a higher quality, beloved seiyuu artists made their comebacks.

Kenichi Suzumura announces 2022 live tour

After announcing the release of his 4th full-length album, Kenichi Suzumura announced his return to touring with a tour scheduled for 2022.

Kenichi Suzumura unveils details on 4th full-length album “Bright”

The talented seiyuu and singer-songwriter is back with new music. Details on his 4th full-length album are out.

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