Kazuki Kato

Kazuki Kato meets his fans for 2 live tours in quick succession: a special piano live tour in November and then a big live tour in December.
The popular actor, solo artist and seiyuu graces his fans with new looks and scenes for his 2022 calendar.

Kazuki Kato to release 15th anniversary CD “K.K Best Sellers 2” [UPDATED]

The talented actor, seiyuu, and solo artist celebrates his 15th artist debut anniversary with the release of "K.K Best Sellers 2".

Kazuki Kato to release Artist Debut 15th Anniversary photobook [UPDATED]

Kazuki Kato celebrates his 15th anniversary as an artist with the release of a special memorial photobook.

Kensho Ono and Kazuki Kato cast in “Jack the Ripper” musical

Big names in the cast for the "Jack the Ripper" musical kicking off in 2021 in Japan.

Kazuki Kato to hold acoustic live in August

Kazuki Kato announced that he is going to hold an acoustic live next month.

Kazuki Kato’s upcoming live tours partially postponed

Kazuki Kato's nationwide and special tours will kick off later than expected after some of its dates were postponed. The singer/actor and seiyuu, Kazuki Kato,...

Kazuki Kato to release new mini-album, Addicted BOX

Kazuki Kato is back and this time, instead of a digital single, he comes with the mini-album, Addicted BOX. Addicted BOX is scheduled to be released...

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