Junta Terashima

While an extremely talented yet underrated voice actor and narrator, Junta Terashima continuously shows his cards as one of the best singers among male seiyuu.
ESMERALDA's Eiri Futabagi (CV: Junta Terashima) powers his way with a dramatic heavy rock tune that will shake your very core in "Flawless".

JUNTA TERASHIMA 3rd Anniversary Live “JOY-NER” to be released on Blu-ray

Junta Terashima's 3rd anniversary live “JOY-NER” gets a release on Blu-ray in August. Details are out.

Junta Terashima to hold 3rd anniversary live in March

Junta Terashima is going to celebrate his 3rd anniversary as a solo artist with a special live event taking place in March 2022.

Bremen to release new single + hold 1st cast event

The 2D music and drama project returns with new music from its leading band - Bremen - and a cast event is going to take place in May.

Junta Terashima unveils details on 3rd mini-album “Soul to”

2 years since the release of his 2nd mini-album, Junta Terashima is back with a new mini-album "Soul to".

Shunichi Toki and Junta Terashima to hold a joint live event

Shunichi Toki and Junta Terashima team up for a special collaboration live event taking place this October.

Junta Terashima to hold birthday event “sun+sun”

Talented seiyuu and solo artist Junta Terashima is going to celebrate his 33rd anniversary with a special event.

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