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The no-audience live - Jun Fukuyama Hitori no BOCCHI SHOW 2020 - is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD.
Jun Fukuyama, popular seiyuu and solo artist, is going to hold a special online live show in December 2020.
BLACK SHIP's co-CEO, talented seiyuu and solo artist is now on Twitter!
Kagurazaka Kaikitan "Kai": Soma Saito, Jun Fukuyama, Tasuku Hatanaka, Yuki Kaji and more join the cast.
Junon released a snippet of Jun Fukuyama's 1st photobook. Get a new taste on what's to come in Fukujun's photobook.
PONY CANYON released a commentary video featuring Jun Fukuyama about P's Live! -Boys Side-.
Talented male seiyuu, narrator and solo artist, Jun Fukuyama is going to release his 1st photobook this summer.
Jun Fukuyama has unfortunate news. His 1st one man live is cancelled. Fukuyama announced on his website that his 1st one man live, Special Live 2020「P.o.P -PERS of Persons-」is cancelled over Coronavirus concerns. The one man live shows that were going to...
Jun Fukuyama unveiled the cover and official title of his upcoming artist book. 福山 潤アーティストブック「展望録」(Fukuyama Jun Artist Book "Tenbo roku") is scheduled to be released on 04/04/2020. The cover is the following:   A preview is out. The artist book will include an interview, corners on...
PONY CANYON announced the release of Jun Fukuyama's artist book. 福山 潤アーティストブック「展望録(仮)」(Fukuyama Jun Artist Book "Tenbo-roku" (tentative title)) is scheduled to be released on 04/04/2020. A preview is out. The artist book will include an interview, corners on Fukuyama's recommended books and music,...





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