Babylon-Nova to release 3 digital CDs this summer

The JAMROCK franchise is back with a new set of digital singles, this time around helmed by the new group, Babylon-Nova.

Babylon-Nova Releases New Song “Babylon-Nova Anthem”

The JAMROCK franchise has released a new song, this time around featuring members of the new group, Babylon-Nova.

2022 in Review: New 2D Music Projects that Took the Spotlight

Exploring all kinds of music genres and bringing unique casts, this is a feature covering the buzzworthy 2D music projects launched in 2022.

JAMROCK franchise to release 4 mini-albums in November

The JAMROCK franchise is ready to spread good vibes in a series of 4 digital albums hitting streaming platforms in November.

JAMROCK: Brings The Good Vibes of Reggae Music to 2D Projects

Be prepared for good vibes and a star-studded cast with the first-ever 2D Reggae music project, JAMROCK.
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