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Tetsuya Kakihara put together an eclectic collection of songs and delivered stunning performances in what is now his masterpiece, "I for U".
Kiramune released today all details on Tetsuya Kakihara's second full-length album "I for U". "I for U" is scheduled to be released on 23/05/2018, available in two editions: regular and limited.  The cover art is the following for each edition: The tracklist is the following: 1.HERE FOR...
Kiramune announced yesterday that Tetsuya Kakihara is working on his second full-length album. There's also a  special summer tour in his plans. Still untitled, Kakihara's 2nd album is scheduled to be released on 23/05/2018, available in two editions: regular and limited.  More details about this...
Tetsuya Kakihara is going to release a new live DVD. Tetsuya Kakihara Live Tour 2017 DRUNKER is scheduled to be released on 14/02/2018 (same day as his new single "DIAMOND BEAT"). This DVD includes footage from Kakihara's 2017 live tour "DRUNKER" held...
Kiramune released today a batch of information on Tetsuya Kakihara's upcoming single. Title, tracklist, cover art and music video snippet are out. Kakihara's 6th single is titled "DIAMOND BEAT". The single is scheduled to be released on 14/02/2018, available in...
Tetsuya Kakihara announced earlier this month that he's returning in 2018 with a new single. Pre-orders are finally open to overseas fans. Kakihara's 6th single is still untitled. The single is scheduled to be released on 14/02/2018. Pre-orders opened this week...
Tetsuya Kakihara is set to retun with a new single and DVD in 2018. Kakihara's 6th single is still untitled. The single is scheduled to be released on 14/02/2018. At the same a live DVD is going to be released. Kakihara's most...
"Tokonatsu Wave" hiccups its way into Tetsuya Kakihara's discography. It's a single that had a lot of potential to be one of his best, unfortunately it lost its way at the close of the curtains.
QUELL return with "I saw a rainbow", a release that sounds nothing like what the fans could expect from them. Title: I saw a rainbow Label: Tsukino-Pro Release date: 30/06/2017 Genre: Ballad/Rock/Pop Tracklist: 1.ドラマ「shower」 2.ドラマ「sprinkling」 3.ドラマ「driving」 4.ドラマ「storm」 5.ドラマ「I saw a rainbow」 6.Seafloor 7.砕かれた霞 8.蒼い水 Track by track analysis: 6.Seafloor QUELL take us to the bottom...
QUELL (Shunsuke Takeuchi, Shugo Nakamura, Sho Nogami and Koutaro Nishiyama) are back with a new drama CD. The CD will delve on the group's chemistry and much more, but it's the songs on it that are already making a lot of...






Review | pioniX “Xtory -Ketsu-“

pioniX wrap up their participation in the Neo X Lied series with the outstanding power ballad "Ready to fly".

Review | Rikka and Eichi “Neo X Lied Series vol.3”

Rikka and Eichi color the Neo X Lied series with their unique matchup and ethereal sound in “Iris”.

Review | Sora and Koki “Neo X Lied Series vol.1”

SOARA and Growth's leaders deliver an outstanding performance with the beautiful "Josho Kiryu". ALIVE's Neo X Lied series kicks off in the right foot.

Review | Chisato Kurumiya “Achromatic”

Chisato Kurumiya (CV: Ryohei Kimura) brings a lot of fragility to the table with the emotional solo track "Achromatic".
VAZZROCK COLOR SERIES [-Green-] Get The Green Light


ROCK DOWN's "GREEN" has the makings of an awesome release however, a couple of odd choices in the composition left a lot to be desired.