The I★Chu franchise is back with new music in 2022. All groups in the franchise participate in "Nocturne".
The theme song for I★Chu's anime adaptation, I★Chu: Halfway Through the Idol, is going to be released on CD in February.

I-Chu release highlight medley for “OUVERTURE”

The highlight medley for I★Chu's upcoming CD, OUVERTURE, is out.

I-Chu to release new album in December

Before the end of the year, the I★Chu franchise is back with a new album.

I★Chu to hold fan meeting in 2019

The I★Chu franchise is going to hold a fan meeting in 2019. アイ★チュウ Fan Meeting~Happy Orange Day~  is going to be held at Yurakucho Yomiuri Hall in...

MG9 releases previews for “Nice to Meet You! ~We are MG9!~”

Victor Entertainment released today previews of all songs on MG9's first single. MG9 (manager 9) is a group consisting of the managers of all...

[I★Chu] MG9 to release first single in August

Victor Entertainment announced today that I★Chu's MG9 are going to release their first single this summer. MG9 (manager 9) is a group comprised of the managers...

I-Chu release final details on upcoming album “fleur”

There's new details on the upcoming I★Chu album release. Full lineup, cover art, song previews and tracklist are out. The franchise's 3rd album is titled "fleur"...

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