Hi!Superb to release best of album “Hi!Clap!!!!”

Hi!Superb is set to release their 1st best of album "Hi!Clap!!!!" as well as hold their last live show "Hi!Superb EVENT -Fanfare!!-" in March.

Hi!Superb announces release of 7th single “Bling Bling Party”

Hi!Superb celebrates its 5th anniversary in May with the release of its 7th single "Bling Bling Party".

Hi!Superb to meet fans at “Xmas Event2022 -Lucky Holiday-“

MAGES. unveiled details on Hi!Superb's Christmas live show "Xmas Event2022 -Lucky Holiday-".

Hi!Superb announces release of 2nd album “Changing!!”

Hi!Superb is back with new music with the ambitious 2nd full-length album "Changing!!" and a new live show.

Hi!Superb announces special Christmas live show

MAGES. unveiled the first details on Hi!Superb's upcoming Christmas live "Hi!Superb Xmas Live2021 Hi!SuParty!! -HappyHoliday-".

Hi!Superb to perform ending theme for VART PROJECT season 2

The talented quartet is back in the studio to work on the follow-up to this summer's "Body language".

Hi!Superb SUMMER LIVE2021-Hi!SuParade- to be held in August

Hi!Superb hops on stage in August to meet their fans in the special live show "Hi!Superb SUMMER LIVE2021-Hi!SuParade-".

Hi!Superb to release new single “Body language” in June

Almost a year since the release of "By your side, By my side", Hi!Superb are back with new music.

Hi!Superb unveil details on “By your side, By my side”

Hi!Superb unveiled details on their first single release since Sion's graduation from the group. By your side, By...

Hi!Superb to release new single this summer

Hi!Superb are gearing up for a comeback. Hi!Superb announced the release of their 5th single. By your side, By...
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