Hiroshi Kamiya

Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono are back with a new single.  The golden duo returns with a new single titled タイセツの鍵 (Taisetsu no kagi). The single includes the new DGS opening theme タイセツの鍵 (Taisetsu no kagi) and the new ending theme "Prime...
DGS (Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono) unveiled today the main visual for the second part of their movie "DearGirl 〜Stories〜THE MOVIE3 the United Kingdom of KOCHI". The second part of "DearGirl 〜Stories〜THE MOVIE3 the United Kingdom of KOCHI - Ao no Keishou"...
DGS (Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono) are back with a new movie next week. Two days ago, a preview of the movie was released. "DearGirl 〜Stories〜THE MOVIE3 the United Kingdom of KOCHI" premieres in Japan on 25/11/2017. The promotional movie poster...
We return for yet another Oricon Weekly report. This time around there are a lot of changes on the chart. Several changes and few new entries complete the results the last week of October. This article covers the fourth week...
Shouta Aoi, Hiroshi Kamiya, SOARA, SolidS, 2Wink, UNDEAD and A3 Spring & Summer troupes shine on Oricon Weekly. This article covers the second week of October - which includes singles/albums released between 09/10/2017 and 15/10/2017. Let's take a look at the data. Oricon Weekly Album ranking Shouta Aoi...
Hiroshi Kamiya graces the cover of Seiyuu Men's special issue "Seiyuu Men ARTIST SIDE vol.2", already on sale. Today, the magazine released a behind the scenes photo from one of the photoshoot sessions. The behind the scenes photo is the following: 発売中の「声優MEN...
Hiroshi Kamiya misses all opportunities to impress with the forgettable "Kamisama Connection". Title: 神様コネクション Label: Kiramune Release date: 11/10/2017 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1. 神様コネクション  2. 大吉中吉小吉  3. 当たり前なんかない Track by track analysis: 1. 神様コネクション  Kamisama Connection puts Kamiya in the middle of a groovy pop-rock instrumental, slightly different from the sound...
Seiyuu Animedia unveiled today extra cuts for next month's issue. Here's a glimpse of Hiroshi Kamiya, Shouta Aoi and Nobuhiko Okamoto articles/photos. The extra cuts were released today. 昨日発売、声アニ11月号の表紙&巻頭特集を飾るのは、本日ニューシングル『神様コネクション』を発売した #神谷浩史 さん!新たな展開を見せた新曲について聞くとともに音楽に対する心境の変化やパーソナリティーに迫るQ&Aなど、バラエティーに富んだ内容で“いまの神谷浩史”に迫ります!! pic.twitter.com/UfpkGFQCYN — 声優アニメディア編集部 (@seiyu_animedia) 11 de outubro de 2017   さらに!声アニ11月号の特別付録には、表紙を飾る #神谷浩史 さんの両面スペシャルピンナップポスターがついてきます!!あなたはどちらの神谷さんが好きですか…?秋のオールカラー特大号となる声優アニメディア11月号は好評発売中♪ pic.twitter.com/EjuhyhcYfG — 声優アニメディア編集部...
Seiyuu Animedia unveiled today the cover for next month's issue featuring Hiroshi Kamiya. The cover is the following: 【声優アニメディア11月号表紙公開】10月10日発売、秋のオールカラー特大号となる声アニ11月号の表紙巻頭を飾るのは #神谷浩史 さん!その他、アニメ『ドリフェス!R』からDearDream&KUROFUNE、#蒼井翔太 さん #岡本信彦 さんなどが登場。#土岐隼一 さん新連載も pic.twitter.com/QB3sT6eyHD — 声優アニメディア編集部 (@seiyu_animedia) 7 de outubro de 2017 November's issue is set to be released on 10/10/2017. The...
And yet another cover feature for Hiroshi Kamiya. After scoring Seiyuu Animedia, Seiyuu Men and Pick-Up Voice, Kamiya is going to grace the cover of November's Voice Animage. Shouta Aoi graces this issue's back cover. Voice Animage unveiled today the...





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