Loulou*di''s “MONO” is a scream in the middle of a bleak world. A cry for help. A courageous step towards a new beginning. It is spine-chilling.
Hana-Doll* franchise's recent event "INCOMPLICA Anthos* Stage Event2022" is going to be released on Blu-ray in 2023.

Loulou*di to release new CD “THINK OF ME: MONO”

Loulou*di kicks off its 3rd CD series "THINK OF ME" with a CD slotted for September release. The first details about "MONO" are out.

Hana-Doll* INCOMPLICA Anthos* Stage Event 2022 to be held in July

The Hana-Doll* franchise announced that Anthos* is going to meet its fans in July in a special cast event taking place in July 2022.

Review | Loulou*di “INCOMPLICA:IT ~Pensée~”

Loulou*di’s “Pensée” is a hauntingly beautiful CD bringinging forth complex compositions and the most technical performances so far.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: 2D Music Project of the Year

The sheer variety of music genres and quality of 2D music projects in 2021 was impressive. These are the 10 best 2D music projects of 2021.

Hana-Doll* franchise to hold fan meeting in May

The franchise is set to hold its first fan meeting in May, counting with members of Anthos* and Loulou*di in attendance.

Review | SETSUNA “Might be”

Anthos*'s The Way I Am series wraps up with an outstanding performance in the groovy and dreamy "Might be" by SETSUNA.

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