GYROAXIA features the new song "Breaking the ROCK!!" in the anime series Cardfight!! Vanguard: will+Dress.
The FROM ARGONAVIS franchise has announced that a special movie, focusing on GYROAXIA, is going to hit theatres in Japan later this year.

Argonavis releases live performance of “Kitto Bokura Wa”

A live performance video of Argonavis' "Kitto Bokura Wa" at Argonavis LIVE 2021 -Kitto Bokura Wa - is out.


The FROM ARGONAVIS franchise! celebrates its 4th anniversary with a special live event featuring members from all 5 bands.

GYROAXIA to headline first live tour this Summer

After making its major debut with the astounding mini-album "Freestyle", GYROAXIA announces its first live tour.

Monthly Review: Soma Saito’s “my beautiful valentine” is mindblowing, GYROAXIA kicks off a new era, and more

Soma Saito went darker and darker with his 2nd EP "my beautiful valentine", Yuma Uchida put a smile on everyone's faces with the sweet "Good mood", GYROAXIA kicked off a new era and more.

Review | GYROAXIA “Freestyle”

GYROAXIA kicks off a new era with “Freestyle”, a pure show of quality, technique, and growth across a set of shredding rock tunes.

GYROAXIA to hold a Secret Mini Live in June

150 lucky fans of GYROAXIA will get to attend a secret live show this summer.

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