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Tsukino-Pro expanded their power in the music business during the past year with various successful releases. Their major seiyuu units: SolidS, SOARA, GROWTH and the rookies QUELL impressed with their unique performances, making the "Kachofugetsu Hen" series a memorable project that proved...
"Kachofugetsu Hen" series' last chapter is finally here. GROWTH bring in the big guns for this release, improving quite a lot since their previous release with their improved technique. Single: 月影のリフレイン (Moonlight's refrain) Label: Tsukino Pro Release date: 25/11/2016 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 1 - 月影のリフレイン 2 - 月影のリフレイン...
GROWTH joins his labelmates SOARA and SolidS to deliver their last take on the "Kachofugetsu Hen" series. Tsukino-Pro has updated the final details regarding this release. "月影のリフレイン" (Moonlight's refrain) is set to be released on 25/11/2016, available in a single edition. The cover art...
GROWTH is yet another Tsukino-Pro unit set to complete the "Kachofugetsu Hen" series. With the last theme being "tsuki", fans are already anticipating yet another memorable song from them. Details regarding this release are now out. The new single is titled "月影のリフレイン"...
"Corona" is GROWTH's new single. Reaching the third installment of the "Alive Growth Kachofugetsu Hana Hen" series titled "Kaze", the quartet starts to walk on some shaky ground, at least instrumentally. And while that could have ruined the song, it was...
GROWTH are back with a new single, the continuation to the "Alive Growth Kachofugetsu Hana Hen" series that is in motion for Tsukino-Pro's units GROWTH, SolidS and SOARA. To kick off the "kaze" series, GROWTH perform "CORONA", track that...
GROWTH is back with the follow up to April's stunning "FLOW AWAY". This 6th single is part of the four part "ALIVE Growth Kachofugetsu Hen" series that both GROWTH and SOARA are doing at the moment ("Tori" series). We're reviewed this track...
GROWTH joined their fellow label mates SOARA with another single release, their fifth so far. "FLOW AWAY" is part of the "Kachofugetsu Hana Hen" series that both groups are doing right now. As suggested by our readers, let's kick off this review. Single:...
Alongside their brother group SOARA, GROWTH are set to release a new single next month. Titled "Alive Growth Kachofugetsu Hana Hen", GROWTH's 5th single is scheduled to be released on 22/04/2016, available in a single edition. The tracklist counts with a...





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