KISHOW to release solo album “Shinya Reiji” in July

GRANRODEO's KISHOW is going to release his 1st solo album "Shinya Reiji" + announced his 1st live tour.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2023: Best band/seiyuu unit of the year

Male seiyuu-fronted bands and units put on a dazzling show in 2023, including a long-awaited comeback by a top unit.

Review | GRANRODEO “Tetsu no Ori”

GRANRODEO maintains its signature creative and energetic approach to rock music in the single "Tetsu no Ori".

GRANRODEO Announces 34th Single “Tetsu no Ori” + New Live Tour

GRANRODEO has announced the release of its 34th single "Tetsu no Ori" as well as a new live tour, kicking off in September 2023.

11 Albums by Male Seiyuu Artists that May be Released in 2023

2023 has the potential to be memorable for fans of high-quality music and awesome singers among male seiyuu.

GRANRODEO LIVE 2022 SUMMER LAKE to be released on Blu-ray

GRANRODEO announced the release on Blu-ray of its LIVE 2022 SUMMER LAKE "Hot OH-!! Kawaguchiko!!" live shows.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2022: Best band/seiyuu unit of the year

Few but genuinely refreshing bands fronted by male seiyuu and seiyuu units took the stage to dazzle everyone in 2022.

GRANRODEO to release “Rodeo Note vol.2” in February

GRANRODEO's 2nd intimate acoustic live show "Rodeo Note" gets a release as a special CD.

GRANRODEO releases live performance video of “Jump And Pump”

GRANRODEO released a live performance video of "Jump And Pump" from their live show GRANRODEO LIVE 2022 SUMMER L△KE.

GRANRODEO’s “Rodeo Note” vol.2 to be held in September

GRANRODEO is back for another intimate acoustic live show in the "Rodeo Note" live sessions. Vol.2 takes place in September.
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