Genki Okawa

MooNs’ Tatsuhiro to release solo CD “Shaking two hearts”

MooNs' Tatsuhiro Nome (CV: Genki Okawa) is set to release his solo single "Shaking two hearts" in January 2024.

Seiyuu Junon unveils behind the scenes photos of Shintaro Asanuma + Genki Okawa sexy photoshoot

Seiyuu Junon unveiled today behind the scenes photos from Genki Okawa and Shintaro Asanuma's sexy and cool photoshoots for the upcoming issue. The behind the scenes photos include Genki Okawa's sexy feature that is impressing everyone: 本日発売!の声優JUNON vol.6には大河元気さんが登場♡ 「朝セクシー」なテーマでみせたさわやかな色気をご堪能ください🙈💕 — ジュノン編集部(プラチナ☆JUNON) (@JUNON_jp) 27 de outubro de 2017   And Shintaro Asanuma's cool photoshoot: 【浅沼晋太郎】 『声優JUNON vol.6』本日10月27日発売になりました。ダンデカメラのオフショットのチラ見せ|´-`)チラッ ポスターも付いちゃってますよ☆ぜひお手に取ってみてね(๑• ̀ω•́๑)✧ (ダンデ2号) — ダンデライオン (@Dandelion_Ltd) 27 de outubro de 2017   Information about the double covers can...

Seiyuu Digest #36 – Genki Okawa

One of the most respected stage actors in Japan is none other than Genki Okawa.

Lagrange Point “Beautiful Phantom” (Review)

Lagrange Point's "Beautiful Phantom" brings the funk to the table, further enriching the duo's refined romantic pop-rock sound.

Lagrange Point “Beautiful Phantom” – Pre-orders open

The "Phantom of the Opera" inspired "Beautiful  Phantom" is close to its release and finally good news for the overseas Lagrange Point fans came...

Lagrange Point announce new single “Beautiful Phantom”

Lagrange Point are back with a new single to follow up the exciting "愛、独裁-SAMURAI-", adopting a "Phantom of the Opera" concept for their newest release...

Lagrange Point “LagJuliet” (Review)

Lagrange Point present us with "Lagjuliet", a Best Of album that encapsulates 1 year of solid singles and stellar performances.

Lagrange Point “LagJuliet” – Details unveiled

Lagrange Point are back with new music bundled with their first Best Of album. Titled "Lagjuliet" and scheduled to hit the stores on 08/04/2014, the...

Lagrange Point set to release their first Best Off

Rejet strikes twice in the first quarter of the year with Lagrange Point's newest announcement. Joining their label mates Marginal#4 that announced their second Best...

Lagrange Point “Ai, dokusai-SAMURAI” (Review)

Lagrange Point fire from all cylinders with their third single "Ai, dokusai-SAMURAI". Polished vocals and instrumentals showcase a group aiming for the top.

Lagrange Point announce their first single for 2015 [updated]

Lagrange Point have finally announced their first plans for 2015. The seiyuu unit consisting of Genki Okawa and Toshiyuki Toyonaga are back with a...

Lagrange Point “Black Swan” (Review)

Lagrange Point present us the jaw-dropping "Black Swan", single that reinforces their position as a top-tier 2D unit.

Lagrange Point “Black Swan” – Details unveiled

Lagrange Point debuted this past August and they don't plan to stop with their addictive sound. The seiyuu unit created by Rejet and consisting...

Lagrange Point announce second single

Lagrange Point, Rejet's newest seiyuu unit project is making their debut in three days and, as expected, we'll be hearing more of them in...