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Seiyuu Junon unveiled today behind the scenes photos from Genki Okawa and Shintaro Asanuma's sexy and cool photoshoots for the upcoming issue. The behind the scenes photos include Genki Okawa's sexy feature that is impressing everyone: 本日発売!の声優JUNON vol.6には大河元気さんが登場♡ 「朝セクシー」なテーマでみせたさわやかな色気をご堪能ください🙈💕 pic.twitter.com/wm3vpogyn0 — ジュノン編集部(プラチナ☆JUNON) (@JUNON_jp) 27...
One of the most respected stage actors in Japan is none other than Genki Okawa.
Lagrange Point's 4th single "Beautiful  Phantom" is finally out. In what seems to be a funkier release by the Rejet duo, we at the THTF HQ got to listen to the single to get to know why so many people are...
The "Phantom of the Opera" inspired "Beautiful  Phantom" is close to its release and finally good news for the overseas Lagrange Point fans came in. The funky "Beautiful Phantom" is the follow up to the exciting "愛、独裁-SAMURAI-" and Rejet's first announcement for...
Lagrange Point are back with a new single to follow up the exciting "愛、独裁-SAMURAI-", adopting a "Phantom of the Opera" concept for their newest release "Beautiful Phantom". After the successful release of "Lagjuliet", Lagrange Point's 1st Best of album, the unit...
"Lagjuliet" is finally out and we take a look at this release. With a debut year as fulfilling as 2014 Lagrange Point present us their first Best of album, an album that promises not only the already known tracks but also...
Lagrange Point are back with new music bundled with their first Best Of album. Titled "Lagjuliet" and scheduled to hit the stores on 08/04/2014, the best off will be available in three editions: Lagrange Point, Kira and Shy versions. The...
Rejet strikes twice in the first quarter of the year with Lagrange Point's newest announcement. Joining their label mates Marginal#4 that announced their second Best Off album titled "Star Cluster 2", Lagrange Point set their sights on their first Best...
Lagrange Point are back early in this 2015. The seiyuu duo has released their third single "愛, 独裁-SAMURAI-"(Ai, dokusai-SAMURAI), following up the impressive "Black Swan". Genki Okawa and Toshiyuki Toyonaga bring us their weapons more polished than ever in this release, just wait...
Lagrange Point have finally announced their first plans for 2015. The seiyuu unit consisting of Genki Okawa and Toshiyuki Toyonaga are back with a new single after the electrifying "Black Swan". Titled "愛, 独裁-SAMURAI-", this is Lagrange Point's third single release...






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VAZZROCK COLOR SERIES [-Green-] Get The Green Light


ROCK DOWN's "GREEN" has the makings of an awesome release however, a couple of odd choices in the composition left a lot to be desired.