Sir Vanity, rock band fronted by Yuichiro Umehara and Yoshiki Nakajima, is set to release its 1st mini-album "midnight sun".
Yuma Uchida arrives in April with his first single in 2023. "Salt & Sugar" is going to be featured as the ending of "THE MARGINAL SERVICE".

Monthly Review: Soma Saito steals the show with “Yin/Yang”, and more

Soma Saito, ZOOL and NSFW arrive to wrap up 2022 in style with mindblowing performances and never-before-tried concepts.

TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! to kick off 3rd CD series “Trust” + digital single series

The Tokyo Color Sonic franchise is back for more. The 3rd CD season "Trust" and a digital single series are set to kick off this year.

IDOLiSH7 franchise to release new album in March 2023

The IDOLiSH7 franchise is back with a new album in 2023. This will be a special entry with limited copies available for sale.

FABULOUS NIGHT to kick off 3rd season of CDs in 2023

Rejet announced that the popular host battle franchise FABULOUS NIGHT is kicking off its 3rd season of CDs titled "PRIDE".

URADOL: 2D idol project about dreams and secrets

URADOL is a 2D music + drama project that appears with a cool cast and counts on fans' participation to vote on where the story goes.

DIG-ROCK’s bands to kick off new CD series “alive”

Before the end of the year, RUBIA Leopard, Impish Crow and HOUND ROAR are back with new music part of the CD series "alive".

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