DIG-ROCK franchise announces 3rd CD series “BREAK TIME” + 1st singles

RUBIA Leopard, Impish Crow, and HOUND ROAR return in 2024 for the 3rd CD series in the DIG-ROCK titled "BREAK TIME".

TRD to release 1st full-length album and disband in June

TRD brings bittersweet news to their fans. The duo releases their 1st album but also announced their disbandment, all happening in June.

Monthly Review: Loulou*di “DÈJÁ VU”, Shoya Chiba “Blessing” and more

December 2023 and January 2024 were unbelievable months in terms of the quality of the music released.

Kent Ito to release 2nd EP “Sain” in March

Talented seiyuu and singer-songwriter Kent Ito is set to release the follow-up to his stellar debut EP. His 2nd EP "Sain" arrives in March.

SparQlew to Release 3rd single “You’re My Valentine”

SparQlew is back with more music, this time celebrating Valentine's Day with the release of their 3rd single "You're My Valentine".

Dear Vocalist franchise announces 8th season of CDs “Headliner”

After a one-year hiatus, the Dear Vocalist franchise is back. The 8th season of CDs titled "Dear Vocalist Headliner" kicks off in 2024.

Gray Sheep: New Mixed Media Project Explores Cruel Destinies

MAGES.'s new mixed media project Gray Sheep puts the spotlight on a conflict and collaboration between special forces and a vigilante crew.

Monthly Review: Trignal “Ironna Katachi” and Yuma Uchida “Y”

October arrived with the Hana-Doll* franchise at full throttle with 3 CD releases and Gakuto Kajiwara released a new feel-good album.

XlamV To Release 2nd EP “raise” in January 2024

VS AMBIVALENZ's 7-member idol group, XlamV, is getting ready to release its 2nd EP "raise". The CD drops in January 2024.

Shoya Chiba to make solo debut in 2024 with 1st EP “Blessing”

Shoya Chiba, a highly sought-after voice actor for 2D music projects, finally lands his big break as a solo artist.

Tasuku Hatanaka to release 8th single “Good Luck”

Tasuku Hatanaka is ready for a comeback with "Good Luck", 8th single overflowing with theme songs for anime and movies.

Yuma Uchida to Release 3rd Full-Length Album “Y” in November

The last quarter of 2023 gets a massive album release by popular seiyuu and solo artist Yuma Uchida with his 3rd full-length album "Y".

Hana-Doll* -Reinterpretation of Flowering- Anime Announced

Hana-Doll* -Reinterpretation of Flowering-, anime based on Hana-Doll*'s "Flowering" drama CD series, is greenlit!

Trignal Announces Release of New Mini-Album “Ironna Katachi”

After a 5 year hiatus without CD releases, Trignal has finally announced their comeback with a new full-length album to be released soon.