Fantôme Iris

Fantôme Iris’ “miroir” is a solid introduction to the band and its tragic, emotional rock sound with a baroque twist. 
Argonavis, GYROAXIA, Fujin RIZING!, epsilon phi and Fantôme Iris meet up for next year's "from ARGONAVIS 2nd LIVE -Rezonance-".

from ARGONAVIS concept live tour to kick off this Autumn

Fujin RIZING!, epsilon phi and Fantôme Iris hop on stage for a unique concept live tour kicking off this Autumn. The first details are out.

Fantôme Iris to release 1st full-length album “miroir”

Fantôme Iris is set to release its first full-length album this summer. The first details on the cryptic "miroir" are out.

Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C’est la vie!- to be held in May

The visual-kei rock band is back on stage this time for the transfer performance of its 1st live show "Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C'est la vie!-".

Review | Fantôme Iris “Pierrot”

A tragic story lies at the core of Fantôme Iris’ “Pierrot” however, what awaits you in its 3 songs will blow your mind.

Review | Fantôme Iris “Zakuro/Kyoki no Melody”

Fantôme Iris decides to change some things around to embrace a groovy brand of rock for “Zakuro/Kyoki no Melody”.

Fantôme Iris Concept LIVE – Gekko Kyoen – to be livestreamed on Halloween

Fantôme Iris spreads its dark and dramatic charms this Halloween with a special livestream available for free.

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