2023 in Review: New 2D Music Projects that Took the Spotlight

In 2023, very few new music projects were launched, some long-running 2D music projects bid goodbye while others went on hiatus.

Review | Executioner “MEIZU”

Executioner's "MEIZU" introduces a dark and intense atmosphere but slightly misses the mark with an overcrowded composition.

Executioner franchise to release 2nd digital single “MEIZU”

Visual-kei rock project Executioner powers through the summer with a new digital single. "MEIZU" will be released this month.

Review | Executioner “V-kei Sentai Executioner”

Visual-kei rock project Executioner kicks the doors open in the 2D music panorama with the heavy rock tune "V-kei Sentai Executioner".

Executioner franchise releases 1st digital single “V-kei Sentai Executioner”

Visual-kei rock project Executioner has kicked off its activities with the release of the digital single "V-kei Sentai Executioner".

Executioner: New Visual-Kei Rock Music Fighting a Time Loop

In Executioner, salvation for humanity means the severing of time, theft of the future and end of present-day humanity via visual-kei rock.