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DYNAMIC CHORD franchise To Release “Cover Compilation CD” in June

DYNAMIC CHORD's bands Rêve Parfait, Liar-S, apple-polisher and KYOHSO have a go at covering each other's songs.

Review | Liar-S “Atosaki Haruka”

With a perfected post-rock/emo sound yet without changing much to its identity, Liar-S embraces this new era with a lot of emotion and power.

Review | KYOHSO “Kyoso”

KYOHSO goes darker and more aggressive than ever before for its high octane punk-rock tune "Kyoso".

2D Music + Situation Drama Projects You Should Check

Storytelling through music and situation drama. Ambitious projects with star-studded casts and high-quality music. This is the niche of the 2D music industry: 2D music + situation drama projects.

Review | rêve parfait “Kurokami Reflex”

Previews of the new singles in the DYNAMIC CHORD franchise by Rêve Parfait, Liar-S, apple-polisher and KYOHSO are out.

Review | apple-polisher “Neu-ERA”

After a long hiatus, apple-polisher's trademark blend of rock, electronica and R&B is back with an intense "Neu-ERA".

A Guide to DYNAMIC CHORD: The Rise and Fall (and its Resurgence)

Initially pointed out as one of the best otome visual novel games and with rock music that stood out, DYNAMIC CHORD has gone through one of the craziest journeys as a 2D project.

rêve parfait unveils details on new CD “My Mom”

Honeybee Black brings a new update on rêve parfait's 2nd vocal CD "My Mom" set to hit stores this November.

KYOHSO unveils details on 2nd vocal CD “CRY OUT”

Honeybee Black has unveiled the first details on KYOHSO's entry in the upcoming 2nd vocal CD series in the DYNAMIC CHORD franchise.

apple-polisher unveils details on “How am I gonna get through”

The first details on apple-polisher's 2nd vocal CD in the DYNAMIC CHORD franchise are out. The CD hits stores in February 2022.
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