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Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono are back with a new single. More details under the cuff. Titled "Speedillusion", the new single is scheduled to be released on 29/05/2019, available in a single edition. The cover art is the following: The tracklist counts with the opening and...
DGS (Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono) unveiled today the main visual for the second part of their movie "DearGirl 〜Stories〜THE MOVIE3 the United Kingdom of KOCHI". The second part of "DearGirl 〜Stories〜THE MOVIE3 the United Kingdom of KOCHI - Ao no Keishou"...
DGS (Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono) are back with a new movie next week. Two days ago, a preview of the movie was released. "DearGirl 〜Stories〜THE MOVIE3 the United Kingdom of KOCHI" premieres in Japan on 25/11/2017. The promotional movie poster...
DGS (Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono) are back with a new movie! Titled "DearGirl 〜Stories〜THE MOVIE3 the United Kingdom of KOCHI", the movie is going to hit theatres in Japan on 25/11/2017. The promotional movie poster is the following: This will be...
Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono bring you "Coin Toss Drive", an album that looks back at their previous hits without forgetting to pitch in some new ones. The fan favorite pair reminds everyone why they still are one of the...
Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono return to the music business with a new release. "Coin Toss Drive" is the unit's second album that will count with new tunes as well as revisit the already fan favorites. Today, U&R records has updated...
Famous seiyuu duo Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono are back with a new release.  The follow up to "Monster's Show" released back in 2015 is set to be released in the first quarter of 2017, raising expectations in both the media...
The charismatic golden duo is back with new music. After a two year pause as the Hiroshi Kamiya + Daisuke Ono duo - only to dive into a different project the already known Masochistic Ono Band - they bring...
“Glow my way” is the new single by Japan's Golden Duo: Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono. The two prolific seiyuu release once again another strong single that will be featured as their radio program “Hiroshi Kamiya & Daisuke Ono...
"Glow my Way", newest single by the golden duo consisting of prolific seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono is being released on 20/11/2013. The song “Glow my way” will be the theme song of the golden duo’s radio program “Hiroshi...





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"Oto no LOOP" is the perfect blend between QUELL's crystal clear and experimental sound and SolidS's dirty + alluring sound.
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