Daisuke Ono

D.A.T's long awaited single "Change the World" will hit the stores this April and with that more information has been unveiled. After what was an unusual delay for this release - everyone recalls it was announced back in the...
This is one of those news that almost was forgotten by most fans. The hype originated back in 2014 after Marine Super Wave Live 2014 (MSWL), with D.A.T announcing that a new single was on its way together with the official...
Japan's golden seiyuu duo Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya are back with new music, this time presenting officially their new project: Masochistic Ono Band - MOB -. This band consisting of OnoD, HiroC, 3M, DO-S, YAGI84 and Chanko have already debuted in...
We've said earlier that Daisuke Ono's seventh single was bound to shake things a bit. This is not your typical dance single released by OnoD, it's much more than that. "Mission D" sails uncharted waters for Daisuke Ono. His "Delight"...
Daisuke Ono's seventh single is bound to shake things a bit. "Mission D" is scheduled to be released on 19/11/2014 and the final details have surfaced. "Mission D" is available as an unique edition: regular only with CD + DVD (comes with...
OnoD is back with new music this next month, that will be his 7th album, still untitled,  the follow up to double release "STAIRS", back in 2013. But this is not the big news we're talking about. - . Daisuke Ono...
There's not a seiyuu fan that doesn't know about this golden duo and their endeavors. Hosting the most famous radio show in Japan titled "Dear Girl Stories", Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya not only have two movies related to...
Daisuke Ono is back with exciting news for his fans. The A-list multi-talented seiyuu is back with new music, this time a new single. Still untitled, this is OnoD's 7th single to be released and is the follow up...
D.A.T have announced earlier this year that they were working on a third single. For those who were at Marine Super Wave Live 2014 (MSWL), where ELEKITER ROUND 0, M.O.E, TAKA, Black Velvet and D.A.T performed, or even those that went...
D.A.T have announced this weekend that they have plans for a third single. The seiyuu unit consisting of seiyuu Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo, have announced yesterday in the Japanese music festival Marine Super Wave Live (MSWL), festival that...





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