KENN announces release of 2022 calendar

A new year, a new calendar. Prepare your wallets because KENN is going to release a 2022 calendar.

Yuki Kaji announces release of 2022 Calendar Box

Yuki Kaji, popular seiyuu, actor, and designer, is going to release a special 2022 Calandar box filled with goodies to welcome the new year.

Shugo Nakamura to release a special calendar

Shugo Nakamura aims at making you smile everyday with a daily calendar shot in the sunny Okinawa.

Taku Yashiro unveils cover for 2021 Calendar

A first look at the cover of Taku Yashiro 2021 calendar is out.

Yuki Kaji gives sneak peek of 2021 calendar

Previews of the cover as well as the contents of Yuki Kaji's 2021 calendar are out.

Shintaro Asanuma to release 2021 calendar

Shintaro Asanuma is going to release his 1st ever calendar. Get a first look at the contents as well as specifications in this article.

KENN to release 2021 calendar

Prepare your wallet as KENN has announced the release of a very special 2021 calendar.

Yuki Kaji to release 2021 calendar

It's that time of the year for Yuki Kaji's fans. The multi-talented seiyuu announced the release of his 2021 Calendar.

Taku Yashiro to release 2021 Calendar

Taku Yashiro announced the release of his 2021 calendar. A behind the scenes photo is already out.