The legendary seiyuu, owner of one of the most iconic voices in anime and narration, celebrates his 50th anniversary in the seiyuu industry.
Yuki Kaji's interview serialization corner for Nikkei Entertainment! is compiled into a book hitting stores this October.

Jun Fukuyama’s “Professional Talk” to be published as a book

The popular seiyuu and solo artist dives deep into the seiyuu and animation industries with a special interview book.

Takahiro Sakurai to publish 1st essay book “47-Sai, mada mada Boya”

The popular seiyuu talks about his 25th career and gives advice to seiyuu newcomers about the industry's ins and outs in a special essay book.

Bokuraku to release official book this month

The popular BL meets Rakugo TV show is getting its own official book. Profiles, behind the scenes photos and more can be found in this book.

Daisuke Ono to release 2nd “Mosu。” book

Daisuke Ono's writings for his long-running serialization corner "Mosu。" are going to be compiled into a new photobook.

“Shiraimu Code ~ Mint Aji ~” to be made into a book

Yusuke Shirai's serialization corner for Pash+, "Shiraimu Code ~ Mint Aji ~" is going to compiled into a book.

Subaru Kimura unveil cover for SUBA ROOTS

Subaru Kimura unveiled the cover for his 30th anniversary memorial book, SUBA ROOTS. 木村昴30thメモリアルブック SUBA ROOTS (Subaru Kimura 30th Memorial Book SUBA ROOTS) is scheduled to...

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