Review | Mosotei Ichimon “Mousoutei no Tema”

Catchy and playful, Mosotei Ichimon's "Mousou tei no Tema" is a memorable song that will make you want to sing and dance along to it.

Bokuraku to release official book this month

The popular BL meets Rakugo TV show is getting its own official book. Profiles, behind the scenes photos and more can be found in this book.

Bokuraku’s theme song “Mousou tei no Tema” to be released in March

Bokuraku's catchy theme song "Mousou tei no Tema" gets a release on CD this March.

BL-meets-Rakugo TV show “Bokuraku” to be released on DVD

Good news for fans of Bokuraku, the TV show is going to be released on DVD in 2021, counting with plenty of bonus content.
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