With an awesome variety sense, impressive singing skills and a lot of voice acting talent, it is a shock that Yoshitaka Yamaya doesn't get the love he deserves.
One of the gentlest, yet most powerful voices among seiyuu. A versatile yet underappreciated talent. It is time to dive into Daisuke Hirakawa's career.

Seiyuu Digest #93 – Yukihiro Nozuyama

With a unique raspy voice, an unreal rap flow and a lot of talent waiting to be discovered, Yukihiro Nozuyama is one of the biggest new talents in the seiyuu industry.

Seiyuu Digest #92 – Yuki Ono

With a unique baritone voice, and fantastic vocal and emotional ranges, Yuki Ono is a seiyuu that deserves your full attention (and love).

Seiyuu Digest #91 – Shohei Komatsu

A genius - certified one -, passionate and a hard worker, Shohei Komatsu has yet to show everything he's about and the talents he has.

Seiyuu Digest #90 – Junta Terashima

While an extremely talented yet underrated voice actor and narrator, Junta Terashima continuously shows his cards as one of the best singers among male seiyuu.

Seiyuu Digest #89 – Atsushi Abe

Despite being known for voicing energetic and youthful characters, Atsushi Abe's talents go way beyond that.

Seiyuu Digest #88 – Yoshihisa Kawahara

With a voice that melts everyone and a passion for playing eccentric characters, Yoshihisa Kawahara is a seiyuu that deserves more love.

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